Ready to build irresistible & scalable offers, fill them with *DREAM* clients & scale using recurring revenue in 2024?

Scale to $10k+ months using content, scalable offers & simple sales that feel GOOD.
While selling your offers with "I know they'll buy!" Baddie Energy

Welcome to Next Level Baddie, the 6-month group program for female online services providers, coaches, course creators & consultants who are ready to co-create the most incredible & scalable offers with their dream clients, confidently sell them across multiple channels and fill them with *DREAM* clients who get amazing results and stay with you for the long-run.

Wave goodbye to inconsistent cash months and starting every month at $0 and usher in your Baddie era where your dream clients seamlessly upsell to your other offers.

Client retention and recurring revenue is where it's at in 2024 and I'm warming up a seat for you, Baddie.

It's time to become a Next Level Baddie!

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Next Level Baddie6-month group program$0
What's inside:

Bi-weekly group hot seat coaching calls where you'll get coached directly by Lena alongside other Baddies

2 x 45min 1:1 strategy session with Lena to use during your 6 months inside

Full portal of trainings on how to build out scalable offers, fill them with dream clients & retain them for maximum client retention

Group Slack workspace you can plug into daily to get feedback + customized support from Lena (Lena in Slack Tue-Thu)

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Answers to your most frequent questions to help you decide whether this 3-month group is the right fit for you.

  • Will the trainings include both how to build out an offer/program as well as how to sell it?
    Yes, this program will help you craft your offers, build the material for them & sell them using your content and other methods like masterclasses, funnels, etc.
    Just because you haven't gotten sales on Instagram in the past doesn't mean you can't get them in the future, especially when you use a proven strategy that's been shown to work for others!
  • I’m crafting my first ever proper *offer* in my business. Will I truly benefit from investing in this program?
    Getting your offers right from the get-go will save you a lot of pain & suffering and will fast-track you to creating offers you love & feel confident selling (which will help you sell more of them!) This program will teach you the foundations to get your business off the ground with killer offers, which are exactly what brings in clients.
  • What if I don't yet have a large audience or community of dream clients to co-create offers with? Will this program still benefit me?
    Yes! Part of this program is teaching you how to build a *hot* community of dream clients you can gather feedback from and co-create your offers with. I'll also share with you super scrappy ways to get feedback in the early days to help you craft your offers.
  • Will this program teach me how to build landing pages & funnels for my offers that I can use to sell in the back-end?
    Yes, I will help you create marketing assets like landing pages & funnels and also show you how to test & iterate on them to drive more sales for your offers.
  • I’ve been wanting to host things like free masterclasses or challenges to promote my offers. Will you help me with this?
    1000%! I will be showing you exactly how to design & deliver awesome masterclasses & free challenges you’re so excited to run and build a solid funnel that will upsell Baddies into your amazing offers from there!
  • Why is the program 6 months? Does it really take that long to build a few offers?
    You can build & launch an offer in as fast as 2 hours but the the real & sustainable results come from iterating on your offer(s) based on feedback you receive from client inquiries & actual clients you serve inside your offers. 6 months will allow you to get the support you need as you go through these iterations & also build out all your funnels.
  • What time are the group hot seat coaching calls calls? I want to make sure they work with my schedule.
    The bi-weekly group hot seat coaching calls are on Tuesdays at 10am PST / 1pm EST. If you're currently in a timezone where this time is during the night for you (e.g. Australia), send me a DM on Instagram or LinkedIn to let me know as I might be able to open up an additional bi-weekly calls time slot for Baddies in your timezone.
  • Does Next Level Baddie have a start date or is it ever-enrolling?
    Next Level Baddie is currently ever-enrolling so you can join anytime. Once you jump inside, you'll get an official welcome email with access to the training portal, the Slack group workspace & the calls which you can add to your calendar so you can hit the ground running!

If you're still reading at this point, you should probably get inside Next Level Baddie.